The Industry 4.0 Smart factory Solution

  • Our technology has the ability to efficiently accumulate and aggregate examination data over a long period of time; it also constructs large amounts of data, and interprets the fundamental causes of failure through statistical methodology.
  • By managing and controlling equipment to solve problems, we have implemented smart factory that has improved processes efficiently.
  • Smart Factory was implemented based on big data analytics, multi-machine data communication, remote monitoring and control, and machine running.


  • A process control system that tracks the root cause of a defect through the stored examination
    data and images from SPI, AOI and CI equipment.
  • In addition,information is processed and provided, including the analysis of yield and defect
    types for each production line, details of defect, and improvement plans defined for process

Line Monitoring System

  • The ADMIN can review the data to determine what to do with the SPC.
  • Reports by period (day, weekly, monthly, or specific time periods) allow Admins to review the production status of SMT lines.
  • If each user (operator) has their own ID, the administrator can check the results of each operator.
  • Administrators can filter or sort by NG type to review and view which components or pads need to be modified.
  • Administrators can sort one of the values checked and review it regardless of the data or statistical results.